The Partnership for families & children


Through our National Center for School Engagement (NCSE), The Partnership collaborates with school districts, law enforcement agencies, courts, and state and federal agencies to support youth and their families to be engaged at school. We pay special attention to truancy, dropout, and bullying prevention. Our NCSE programs and services include:

Training and Technical Assistance
NCSE provides customized training and technical assistance to school personnel, service providers, and other agencies seeking to increase student attendance, achievement, and attachment to school.

The Truancy Reduction Application Interface (TRAIN) is a secure, web-based system that tracks progress of youth receiving school attendance services. It includes information on students’ school attachment, academic achievement, and attendance, demographics, health, family and peer relationships, and detailed service history. Please click here for more information about TRAIN.

Policy and Practices Assessment
Our comprehensive assessment is designed to help school teams evaluate the extent to which school level policies and practices help students feel engaged and connected to their school community and whether they intentionally foster or unintentionally undermine student attendance, attachment and achievement. Please click here for sample questions.

Bully Proofing Your School (BPYS)
BPYS is a nationally recognized program for improving school climate, addressing bystander and bullying behavior, and creating caring school communities. Click here for more information on BPYS.